Software Advice Launches Marketing Automation Software Guide

by Lauren Carlson

CRM Market Analyst,


Software Advice, The Authority on Software Selection, today announced the launch of Marketing Automation Software Guide, a free, online resource that helps organizations select the right marketing automation software. The website offers reviews of the leading B2B marketing systems, buyers’ guides, side-by-side comparisons and an open forum for sharing ideas and expertise.

Marketing automation has seen exponential growth in the past five years as B2B marketing organizations adapt to the massive migration of buyers from traditional offline research channels to a sales cycle that happens on the web through search engines, social media and trusted third-party web resources like Software Advice. Buyers are spending more time online and finding what they need. Meanwhile, traditional offline communication with sales reps is happening later in the process. As a result, sales and marketing organizations are struggling to maintain control of this new cycle, while granting the wishes of a newly empowered buyer.

Marketing automation systems arm marketers with the capabilities to track online behavior, manage sophisticated multi-step campaigns and help sales reps better understand prospects. At the same time, market leaders are introducing new analytical and sales intelligence applications under the category of Revenue Performance Management. RPM promises a rich layer of analytical insight on top of marketing automation systems to help sales reps plan their optimal next step, while executives gain more precise revenue planning and forecasting.

“We are extremely excited about the rapid adoption of marketing automation systems and the great resources we can provide to the marketplace,” said Don Fornes, founder and CEO of Software Advice. “Our new guide is exactly they type of trusted third-party resource that buyers are seeking as they make important IT decisions.”

Concurrent with the new website’s launch, Software Advice is calling on marketing and technology experts to join the Software Advisory Board – a network of marketing and technology leaders willing to share their expertise through Software Advice websites. While developed and maintained by Software Advice, Marketing Automation Software Guide is first and foremost an online community where expert contribution and collaboration provide the greatest value to visitors. The Software Advisory Board represents the best and brightest of this community.

Marketing Automation Software Guide is now available online at:

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