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MarketingPilot is a marketing resource management (MRM) and marketing automation solution used by mid-sized organizations. The system’s robust offering includes tools to help marketers with marketing workflow, planning, campaign management, digital asset management, and budgeting. In Gartner’s 2009 Magic Quadrant, MarketingPilot was ranked as the dominant mid-market vendor for marketing resource management software.


MarketingPilot is focused primarily on mid-market organizations in North America. It typically is not used by enterprises above $100M in annual revenue or 500 employees. The Standard edition has features to help marketers capture and assign sales leads, track products and inventory, and execute and measure targeted campaigns. The Professional and Unlimited packages offer more robust marketing automation and resource management functionality for lead nurturing, media buying and planning, and performance measurement.

MarketingPilot provides services to all the major industries, including banking, financial services, government, healthcare, media and retail to name a few. Its robust functionality makes it an ideal solution for both B2C and B2B marketing organizations. MarketingPilot offers both breadth and depth in terms of functionality. It is ideal for mid-market organizations, but could be overwhelming for smaller companies.


The following are the primary features of MarketingPilot:

Lead generationContact managementContract management
Direct marketingEmail marketingDigital asset management
Campaign managementCustomizable user interfaceAutomated workflows
Event planning and managementMarketing resource managementMulti-currency support
Campaign analyticsSocial media integrationMedia buying and planning
Web portalMicrosoft office integrationSales email alerts

MarketingPilot has limited geographical reach, with only 25% of its sales occurring outside the U.S. Global organizations will need to evaluate international support capabilities as local support in regions outside the U.S. have not been established.



The MarketingPilot software is built on the Unified Marketing Software Platform that is both scalable and customizable. It is written in C# and uses modern technologies such as Web Services, AJAX, Silverlight, ASP.Net and SQL. The software can be deployed both on-demand or on-premise. No server is required for on-demand use. If deployed on-premise, the software is run on an in-house server that requires Microsoft Internet Information Service 6 or higher and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher. Custom report design functions require a PC running Windows for both methods of deployment.


MarketingPilot presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • MRM and marketing automation functionality in a single system
  • Available on-demand or on-premise
  • Media buying and planning capabilities
  • Social media integration
  • Supports multiple currencies and marketing processes for global operations
  • Customizable reports and analytics for tracking performance and results
  • Web portal for organizations with multiple branches, product divisions, outlets and distribution channels
  • Event management for organizing trade shows, conferences and other marketing-related events


MarketingPilot offers three packages: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. From there, pricing depends on options, number of users and deployment method (on-demand subscription or purchased licenses on-premise). MarketingPilot uses a pay-per-user model, making it a financially viable option for organizations of any size. Because of this level of customization, pricing is available upon request.


MarketingPilot has been in the marketing automation software sector since 2001. It is the most widely used marketing resource management application with over 500 users worldwide. In 2008, the company grew almost 45%, gaining new customers and increasing its deal size. Its 85% renewal rate speaks to its continued efforts in expanding relationships with existing customers. MarketingPilot is based out of Illinois and has approximately 100 employees.


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