Kim Roman

Marketing Automation Consultant at Astadia

Kim Roman has spent the last 10 years in marketing, over half of which has been heavily focused on demand generation and marketing automation. Working with companies to refine their marketing strategies to streamline activities and maximize assets, Kim is always on the cutting edge of marketing technology. Currently the Senior Marketing Automation Consultant at Astadia, Kim works with a variety of clients to get them set up with marketing automation software, improve upon their current MA programs and processes, and implement new, advanced strategies and techniques to improve output.

Connect with Kim Roman:
(801) 899-2070

About Astadia

Astadia provides cloud solutions consulting and systems integration for enterprises looking to accelerate business outcomes. Astadia transforms how its clients develop market opportunities, accelerate revenues and convert customers into advocates. Unlike integrators that concentrate only on implementing technology, Astadia focuses on truly understanding client needs. By building authentic client partnerships and using its unique, proven methodologies and frameworks, Astadia delivers meaningful solutions for its clients.

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How To Convince Your Boss to Buy Marketing Automation

We still find ourselves in a down economy, which means resources are tight. However, marketing automation software has the potential to uncover some serious revenue for you and your company. So, how do you justify the benefits of marketing automation systems to the people holding the wallet?