Mac McConnell

Mac McConnell

Managing Partner and Founder at BlueBird Strategies

Mac McConnell is Managing Partner and Founder at BlueBird Strategies, an advanced lead generation firm. Prior to founding BlueBird, he was a member of top producing sales teams at both Deutsche Bank Alex Brown and JPMorgan Chase. Mac applied digital marketing tactics to discover new relationships that had traditionally been overlooked. As the inaugural marketer for Sun Microsystems’ small and midsize business initiative, he developed dynamic programs that moved contacts through the buying cycle using an ever-changing mix of content syndication, social media, web traffic, nurture programs and telemarketing. The results were impressive. In just over twelve months, these programs and campaigns generated over 16,000 qualified leads and $400 million in sales pipeline. Mac holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco and a BA in Political Science from Colgate University.

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About Blue Bird Strategies

BlueBird Strategies’ helps clients generate leads with higher conversion potential. Using marketing automation as the foundation, BlueBird Strategies executes a coordinated effort of demand generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead management to increase lead velocity through the stages of the buying cycle – preparing the lead for a more constructive sales conversation.

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