Matt Smith

Executive Vice President, Co-Founder at 3forward

A 3forward co-founder and executive vice president, Matt Smith has a B2B sales and marketing background of more than 25 years. At 3forward Matt is responsible for the company’s marketing and social media strategies and is actively involved in all client engagements. Matt is a frequent presenter on B2B sales and marketing topics at professional events, associations and groups. He also blogs regularly about how the new rules for these disciplines are reshaping responsibilities for today’s CEOs, Chief Sales Officers and Marketing leaders.

Matt’s sales career began as a college intern when he helped a pharmaceutical company break into the Florida physician, large clinic and hospital markets. Since then he has held sales, sales manager, and sales vice president positions; channel sales and channel vice president roles; and also led marketing and communications for a $2 billion IT services integrator. Matt’s experience extends across many industries, including IT outsourcing and services, business process outsourcing, computer hardware and software, health care and banking/financial services.

Connect with Matt Smith:
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About 3forward

3forward helps CEO’s, Chief Sales Officers and senior Marketing executives lead their companies through sales transitions. We are guided by the philosophy that Sales is a Science and by our real-world experiences of carrying quotas and managing sales organizations. As importantly, we firmly believe the buyer / seller engagement rules have changed drastically and forever – requiring today’s sales and marketing teams to incorporate more discipline, functional interdependency, intelligent technology, and executional excellence than ever before.

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