Marketing Automation Software Reviews

In this guide, we've reviewed the leading marketing automation vendors. Below, buyers can read reviews on systems, post their own reviews, request demonstrations and pricing, and download original research on comparing marketing campaign management software.

Pardot Reviews

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Pardot is an on-demand marketing automation solution with basic functionality to assist marketers with lead generation, lead scoring, and campaign management. It is used by over 300 companies in 10 countries and has a 96% customer retention rate without contract.

Marketo Reviews

Marketo is a completely web-based solution that helps to align the efforts of marketing and sales professionals through the sales cycle. Marketo offers features that include process-based campaign building and lead nurturing for B2B operations.

MindMatrix AMP Reviews

AMP is a marketing automation software platform, launched by MindMatrix. AMP aligns marketing and sales functions seamlessly. AMP provides all of the standard marketing automation tools such as: lead scoring, email marketing, website tracking, ROI reports, collateral creation, and more.

Infusionsoft Reviews

Infusionsoft is a great marketing automation system for the small B2B organization. It provides robust demand generation features such as lead management and email marketing, but also has basic CRM functionality for a more complete solution.

eTrigue Reviews

eTrigue is a web-based marketing automation solution for the B2B space. The software is offered as a add-on and is available through AppExchange. eTrigue is prevalent among companies in the technology, healthcare, and the professional services industries.

HubSpot Reviews

HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing automation solution that combines valuable tools blogging, email, analytics and lead nurturing into one integrated system. HubSpot helps companies get found and convert more leads to customers.

Eloqua Reviews

Eloqua offers on-demand marketing automation for both B2B and B2C organizations. Eloqua supports multi-channel campaigns, custom microsite creation, and integration with major CRM vendors. It is suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Aprimo Reviews

Aprimo is an enterprise marketing tool designed to automate B2B and B2C campaigns. The system is designed primarily for large companies marketing to hundreds of thousands or millions of contacts. The vendor was one of the first in the marketing automation industry. Reviews

Genius is a marketing automation solution for mid-sized B2B organizations. It provides solutions for email marketing and demand generation, but the Marketing Automation suite provides the most functionality. Genius’ products are 100% web-based.

Alsamarketing Reviews

Alsamarketing is a purely web-based marketing automation solution for small and midsized B2B organizations. Alsamarketing integrates with SugarCRM and It offers unique support for global organizations with its multilingual capabilities.

Silverpop Reviews

Silverpop is a completely web-based software that offers several best-of-breed solutions for marketing automation, including social media integration. Silverpop’s lead management offering is the fastest growing part of their business, experiencing a growth of 60 percent over 2008.

Neolane Reviews

Neolane is a marketing automation solution for the enterprise. It has functionality for both B2B and B2C organizations that helps marketers execute targeted campaigns across traditional and emerging channels. Neolane offers hosted or on-premise deployment.

MarketingPilot Reviews

MarketingPilot is a well-established vendor of marketing automation software. MarketingPilot combines marketing resource management (MRM) with marketing automation to provide one of the more robust products on the market. It can be deployed both on-premise or on-demand.