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AMP is a marketing automation software platform, launched by MindMatrix. AMP aligns marketing and sales functions seamlessly. AMP provides all of the standard marketing automation tools such as: lead scoring, email marketing, website tracking, ROI reports, collateral creation, and more. What separates AMP from its competitors is its unique ability to align a company’s entire sales process, as well. AMP allows marketing professional to generate demand, capture quality leads, and then pass those “sales-ready” leads onto sales professionals…using the same system. AMP makes it very easy for everyone to know a prospect’s stage in the buying cycle and when they are sales ready. AMP can handle the CRM aspect of any industry and it also integrates with several CRM systems.


MindMatrix’s platform has been designed to meet the needs of any industry’s marketing and sales departments. For example, manufacturing marketing teams need access to their product database. AMP houses a module that stores product information, so creating personalized product brochures is simple. Another example is companies with large and/or dispersed sales channels that need brand management tools, template sharing tools, etc. AMP is capable of supporting multiple brands for multiple sales channels. The platform has unique features for every vertical, whether it is services, manufacturing/distribution, technology, retail, managed marketing service providers, health care, and more.


Website TrackingBrand Management ToolsSocial Media Integration
Mobile Phone AppSalesforce CRM IntegrationMicrosoft Add-in Tool
Collateral Creation ModulesRole-Based Permission SettingsLead Nurturing
Robust Lead Scoring CapabilityContact SharingReporting
Lead Segmentation ListsDatabase IntegrationSales-User Interface

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AMP offers the following unique capabilities:

  • Two user interfaces—sales & marketing, each with interdependent capabilities
  • Superior lead scoring functions- loaded with every if/then condition imaginable
  • CRM capabilities- you do not need a separate system for sales
  • Multiple collateral types- all template based
  • Visual Personalization- personalize every aspect of every marketing/sales material—including graphics
  • Brand management- separate modules for each brand element (images, documents, colors, etc.)
  • Mobile app, desktop application, Microsoft Outlook Add-in- constant access to activity and prospects


Customers are charged monthly for AMP usage based on contact records and number of users. Monthly access fees start from $499/month for 10,000 contact records and one user to an enterprise account allowing >75,000 contact records and several user accounts. There is a $500 setup fee and every new account is already stocked with ready-to-use landing pages and email templates. Additional custom templates can be ordered at an additional hourly charge. Training is covered in the setup fee. AMP customers have unlimited access to technical support.


MindMatrix is a Pittsburgh based marketing automation company founded in 1998 by Carnegie Mellon University alumni, Harbinder Khera. The company has experienced significant growth over the past decade, employing over 300 people. 34,000 sales and marketing professionals, worldwide, have used MindMatrix’s sales-marketing alignment solutions to derive the maximum benefit from their investment in marketing and sales.


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