Sharon Drew Morgen


Owner of Morgen Facilitations, Inc.

Sharon Drew is a trainer, consultant, sales coach, and keynote speaker. She is the visionary behind Buying Facilitation® – the decision facilitation model that teaches buyers how to recognize and manage the behind-the-scenes issues they must address to get the buy-in from those who touch the solution, in order to make a purchase. She is the author of 7 books, including the NYTimes Business Bestseller 'Selling with Integrity' and the Amazon bestseller "Dirty Little Secrets'. Sharon Drew's blog is consistently ranked in the top 10 of the best sales/marketing sites, and she has several patents on search and contact sheet technology to help companies help buyers buy.


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About Morgen Facilitations, Inc.

Morgen Facilitations, Inc. has been in the sales training, consulting, and decision facilitation business since 1989, offering Morgen Buying Facilitation® Method training programs, licensing programs, and applications of the model in questionnaires, PDAs, and recruitment surveys. Our models are all based on a Facilitative Question model that quickly teaches buyers how to make efficient buying decisions that align with their values, and support the decision team in designing a solution that will adapt to change without disrupting their status quo.


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