Phil Fernandez, CEO, Marketo – Executive Interview Series

by Lauren Carlson

CRM Market Analyst,


We recently had the chance to interview Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, a leader in B2B marketing automation. Phil discusses the growing "Revenue Performance Management" software category, how marketing is changing, and the potential to build a $1 billion company.

Phil Fernandez – CEO, Marketo

Key Takeaways:

  • Revenue Performance Management is about helping companies grow. In this post-recession era, companies are starting to refocus on revenue growth. The RPM vision is to provide marketing with the automation and analytics to take control of revenue performance. The result? Better collaboration with sales, respect in the executive suite and more revenue.
  • Marketing automation is taking off and Marketo is a prime beneficiary. Companies are beginning to realize that the buying and selling process has changed. The customer is now in control of the sales cycle. As a result, the relationship between marketing and sales has changed. Marketing plays a bigger role in nurturing buyers before sales takes over. Marketing automation is critical to that effort and Marketo is well-positioned. 
  • A new breed of marketer is required. More sophisticated B2B marketing analytics requires a more quantitative marketer. This means that today's marketers must be "numbers" and "process" people. However, they must also understand the fine art of marketing. A balanced team will result in the most effective marketing.
  • Building a billion dollar SaaS company is definitely possible. Marketing automation is a relatively nascent market, but the potential scope of the market is huge. Most every company has marketing and sales. The models may differ, but the end goal is shared: generate more revenue growth, efficiently and profitably. Marketing automation helps do these things and the RPM visions expands the market further.

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