Deconstructing Lead Scoring | Whiteboard Session

by Lauren Carlson

CRM Market Analyst,


The introduction of marketing automation has made it possible for marketers to automate many standard processes. One of those is lead scoring. As leads come in, marketers need to prioritize them based on demographic and/or behavioral criteria. Why is this important? It helps marketers to truly understand where leads are in the buying cycle, and only pass on to sales those leads that are highly qualified.

Mac McConnell, partner and founder of BlueBird Strategies, happened to be in Austin, Texas, recently, so we asked him to come in and do a brief whiteboard session on lead scoring – what it is, why it's important, and how to put it to use. The session is broken down into a series of three videos. In this first installment, Mac discusses how lead scoring allows marketers to extend the sales funnel, avoiding the traditional lead buckets, as well as something Mac calls the "Buddha Funnel."

Tune in tomorrow when Mac discusses the criteria that marketers can use to score leads.



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