Sam Boush

Sam Boush

Founder of Lead Lizard, Inc.

Sam Boush is a automation expert and the founder of Lead Lizard, Inc. Sam is a long-time digital marketer and thought leader in lead management and marketing automation, having consulted for everyone from startups to $500 million software giants. His experience includes expertise in lead management strategy, B2B marketing automation, B2C marketing automation, CRM systems, enterprise-level marketing automation and marketing automation systems for SMBs.

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About Lead Lizard, Inc.

Lead Lizard is a Portland, Oregon-based marketing automation and lead management consulting group. Our small team at Lead Lizard is focused on delivering marketing automation solutions that drive ROI, prove marketing value and generate qualified leads. Please give us a call or send an email so we can start a conversation.


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An Intro to B2C Marketing Automation

In the marketing automation landscape, B2B rules. The leaders in the space are all focused primarily, if not entirely, on the B2B space. But, what about B2C customers? Do they need MA? Absolutely. This post explores the B2C marketing automation market and discusses where we’re headed.